Waffle & wafer equipment

Wafer batter mixer

We offer new Turkish equipment, this is a kit. It is made entirely from stainless steel, capacity 200 liters. At the top is a mixer with a capacity 5.5 kW. There is a pump that transfers the dough from the mixer to the feeder of the rest of the line. The dough is filtered in a funnel tank with a capacity of 300 liters and a double cooler jacket. it controlled by a pump and located on the side and automatically transferred to the waffle oven.

Used flat cream wafers line

We offer used German equipment, in a condition as is. It has 52 slabs, each measuring 470 x 290 mm. The line consists of: 1 PC. x DANGER waffle oven with 52 baking plates, baking trays 470 x 290 mm, coarse and fine squares with automatic removal of wafer sheets. Heating: natural or propane gas. Release year unknown.
€300,000.00 €139,000.00