Wafer crispbread production line

Automatic line with 31 molds for the production of wafer crispbreads. The capacity of the line is 100 kg/h. Crispbread is light and tasty with embossing, they are lighter in color than rye.

Automatic line with 31 molds for the production of wafer crispbreads. The capacity of the line is 100 kg/h. Crispbread is light and tasty with embossing, they are lighter in color than rye. Sheet Size: 290 mm. x 470 mm. 16 plates / minute.

16 sheets in a minute
Every sheet averagely 60 gr.
16 pieces x 60 gr. = 960 gr./ per minute
960 x 60 min. = 57.600 gr = 57,6 kg.
Note: Design measurements of the plates, thickness settings, and creme rate directly effect the capacity.
Electricity: 380 V, triphase phase, N, Pe, 50 Hz.
Control Voltage: 220 V – only phase - 0.6 amper
WORKING HOUR OF GRES OIL: Working hour of gres oil used in
automatic wafer oven (SOLVAY SOLEXIS FLUORIOX AR555 mark) is 5000
working hours.


It is completely manufactured from S.S. material with a capacity of 200 lt.
There is a 5,5 kW mixer on the top part. There is a pump that transfers the dough from the mixer to the feeder tank. The dough is filtered to a feeding tank with a capacity of 300 lt and a chiller double jacket. It is monitored by means of a pump located at the side part and transferred automatically to the wafer oven.


It has 31 plates and a size of 290x470mm. Its surface is made of special alloy casting and covered chromium. Carrier cars are designed specially. Heat resistant bearing is fixed to the carrier wheels and the oil which is resistible to high temperatures is used. The system is completely controlled; the gas will be automatically cut off when the electricity goes out.

Combustion ovens are divided into two groups:

The bottom group and the upper group. The ovens are designed in a way that the best performance is obtained. Plate surfaces are automatically read with the automatic heat control system, so the gas rate can be increased or decreased proportionally. It will be fired with firing transformers automatically and the plates will be in production temperature rapidly.

Propane (LPG) or methane (natural) can be used in the oven. The dough will be put into the plate surfaces automatically with a delicate pump. Tauting of the rear group will be done with mechanical. Except for the oven’s chassis, all the surfaces will be made of S.S. material.

The impervious materials resistible to high temperatures will be used for covers and the isolation will be done with fiberglass. The Air system will be done in order for plates to be detached easily. Plate surface patterns will be made according to the purchaser firm’s content. Revolving brushes are mounted in order to clear the discharge part of the plate by skinning the wastes. There is a waste cleaning chain and holder at the front of the oven.

There is a stacker wheel all for sheets. The electric panel included. Electrical control panels of the machines and connections between the machines are on the client's side. There is a heat control system within this the specified parameters.

It is used to cool plates from the wafer oven. It operates simultaneously with the wafer
oven. Cooled plates are transferred to the automatic wafer cream depositing

The manufacturer undertakes to repair or replace all defective parts within 12 months from the start date of the equipment, except for electrical, electronic, and parts subject to normal wear. Equipment is out of warranty if used inappropriately. In the event of a repair or replacement, all transport costs, and accommodation of the manufacturer's technician/s are paid by the buyer.

Installation is optional, and not included in the price.

Note: the price does not include packaging on a pallet in a wooden box.

Manufacturer: Turkey

Price EXW: $167.500,00


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