Ukrainian snacks

Industrial fryer for empanada

Our Italian company produces 2460 industrial automatic electric fryer with continuous operation, with closed conveyor belt type, for frying about 70-100 kg / h of products. Suitable for all gastronomic products.
€34,800.00 €31,320.00

Crystal рrawn dumpling machine

Our Taiwanese company offers you a new combination molding machine with a diverting mini conveyor, it is available in two modifications for the manufacture of ethnic or national products, such as traditional Ukrainian dumplings with cherry, cabbage, mushrooms, potatoes crystal transparent rice dumplings. In each country, they may be called differently and have a different recipe.

Semi-automatic kozinaki line

We offer a new minimum line designed for the production of kozinaki from seeds, nuts and dried fruits with binding syrup. For complete readiness, they can undergo dehydration, UV drying or conventional drying baking in the oven. Line productivity: 50-100 kg/hour. The minimum thickness of such gozinaki is from 3 mm. By adjusting the speed, you change the capacity, but due to the different formulation, each product may have different technological optimal formation rate! There is a flowpack at the end of the line, but you can also use simple thermal sealer to pack.

Used pie molding machine Rheon

We offer you a used Japanese compact machine for forming and filling semi-finished products, confectionery and other ethnic food products. Designed to produce product in the form of balls, rods and cylindrical molding automatically. The automatic machine is specialized in the production of bakery, confectionery, sweet / biscuit, frozen food products with a high capacity of 10-60 pcs/min. (up to 90 g) with various food materials from soft to sticky.
€55,000.00 €27,500.00