Swedish snacks

Forming machine for swedish crispbread 25 kg/h

The smallest and simplest molding machine. Our Italian company produces this semi-automatic crispbread moulder. Secret of success in the crispbread business lies in the original recipe and packaging. Bread rolls are obtained different sizes, made and baked according to classical technology. We put the dough on top of the machine, it passes it through the cutting blades. We cut to length manually with a knife fixed in the machine. Packaging may vary, including paper, blister, box or flow pack. Supplied as only the molder, and the whole line (from mixer to palletizer). All surfaces in contact with dough in INOX stainless steel or Teflon. Output of finished products can reach the speed of 25 kg/hour. The matrix is ​​easily interchangeable, removed by two rotating handles.
€3,300.00 €2,970.00

Full line semi-automatic for the production of Scandinavian bread 80 kg / h

We invite you to consider a complete semi-automatic line, consisting of individual machines for the production of crispbread made according to classical technology up to 80 kg/h, depending on their size. If you already have something from this list, then this can be excluded. Spread raw bread on baking sheets on such a line you need to manually.
€38,820.00 €31,056.00