Spiral croissant cooler

We offer a new Dutch spiral cooler with atmospheric air, closed type for croissants on trays 800 x 600 mm, with a total capacity 1000 kg/h

We offer a new Dutch spiral cooler with atmospheric air, closed type for croissants on trays 800 x 600 mm, with a total capacity 1000 kg/h

Technical specifications:

Model: OPTIFREEZE Econo 10-813 / 2765-175
Housing (L x W x H): 6.000 x 5.000 x 3.100 mm
System housing: B2 stainless steel interior.
Outside white laminated galvanized sheet. Complete with 2 access doors and sunroof for maintenance and cleaning.

Case sealing: with silicone seal. Belt direction: bottom to top.
Air pressure compensation: will be installed in the tunnel covering the inlet section, inside the spiral freezer.

Total belt width: 813 mm 
Usable belt width: 737 mm 
Usable belt length: 138 m
Usable belt area: 86 m2.
Belt type: stainless steel balanced woven.
Designation: B 0 - 12 - 17
Side rails: built-in from the outside.
Number of tiers: 10
Free product height: 60 mm ± 2mm
Direct drive belt type: Stainless steel balanced woven.
Direct main drive: 1 x 2.2 kW
Auxiliary drive: 1 x 0.37 kW

Minimum retention time: 15 minutes (belt speed 9.19 m1/min.).
Nominal hold time: 30 minutes (tape speed 4.60 m1/min.).
Maximum holding time: 60 minutes (tape speed 2.30 m1/min.)
Feeding height: 800 mm
Dumping height: 2,650 m

Reference product: Croissants on metal trays
Dimensions: 800 x 600 x 50 mm.
Weight: 1.000 grams
* Possible retention time: 35 minutes.
Serving temperature: + 100° C

Outlet temperature: + 35° C (balanced)
** Overall performance:
1.000 kg / hour
Belt loading: 55% belt loading

Control panel: stainless steel with ventilation inside, prevent rising
temperature during operation.
Panel position: on the side of the surrounding scroll cooler.
Installed power: 2.0 kW (4.0 kVA) to be confirmed.
Power supply: 260/400 V, 3 pH, 50 Hz

Belt washer: 2 belt cleaning sprays on both sides.
Drum cleaning: Full height spray on each row.
Internal door cleaning: built into the drum, spraying outwards at each level.
Chemical dosing system: Nilfisk unit capable of inserting 2 detergents and
pressurized water pump controlled by the main PLC.

OPTIFREEZE CIP cleaning system: 3.000,00 EUR
Chemical dosing system Nilfisk: 9.500,00 EUR


The manufacturer undertakes to repair or replace all defective parts within 12 months from the start date of the equipment, except for electrical, electronic and parts subject to normal wear. Equipment is out of warranty if used inappropriately. In the event of a repair or replacement, all transport costs, accommodation of the manufacturer's technician/s are paid by the buyer.

Installation additionally, not included in the price: 27.750,00 EUR

Note: The price does not include packaging.

Manufacturer: Netherlands

Factory price EXW: from 147.750,00 EUR