• Can Fort Skipper help me with new development? 

Yes, if you have a clear description of your desires, we can think along with you and help you to select a new or used machine to make a complete line.

  • Can Fort Skipper help me with technology/training?

Yes, we have experts 

  • Can Fort Skipper help me with the installation?

Yes, if desired our mechanics can install the equipment at your premises. Also, we can offer long-distance assistance by giving instructions by video call or remote control (when installed).

  • What are the standards on warranty time and conditions?

We only provide a warranty on refurbished machines. The standard warranty time on new machines is 12 months after delivery.

  • Is it possible to inspect the machines?

Yes, you can contact us to schedule a visitation.

  • Does Fort Skipper provide invitation letters?

Fort Skipper can help you out with all the necessities related to your visit, including invitation letters.

  • Can I buy only engineering/technology?

No, Fort Skipper prefers to combine engineering with the supply of equipment.

  • What kind of documentation will I receive with the machines?

If we bought the machine with the original documentation, this will supplied. Otherwise, we will ask for the original documentation at the manufacturer of the machines. If machines are completely reconditioned, we will supply a complete set of documentation.

  • Can Fort Skipper supply a certificate of origin?

Usually yes, but it has to be assessed per deal (depending on the country).

  • Can Fort Skipper arrange transport and transport insurance?
  • Yes, for an additional fee