Rice cake machine

On such new Korean equipment, it is possible to produce three types of products, depending on the equipment settings: tartlets, biscuits and bread rolls. You can add for buyers glazing such products with chocolate, yogurt, jelly or fudge. You get a very tasty product. This equipment is suitable for both start-ups and large companies. To prepare a standard round product with a diameter of 90 mm and a thickness of 10 mm, the consumption of rice is 5.8 kg of rice for 1 hour of operation or 46.4 kg for 8 hours of operation.

On such new Korean equipment, it is possible to produce three types of products, depending on the equipment settings: tartlets, biscuits and bread rolls. You can add for buyers glazing such products with chocolate, yogurt, jelly or fudge. You get a very tasty product. This equipment is suitable for both start-ups and large companies. To prepare a standard round product with a diameter of 90 mm and a thickness of 10 mm, the consumption of rice is 5.8 kg of rice for 1 hour of operation or 46.4 kg for 8 hours of operation.

Technical specifications:

Fixed product size: diameter 90 mm x thickness 10 mm
Production speed 720 crispbreads per hour (2 crispbreads / 10 seconds) * - for rice crispbreads,
Type of press controlling: hydraulic microcontroller,
Electric power of the hydraulic motor: 0,75 kW,
Electric drive motor power: 25 W,
Electric power of the heater: 2,4 kW,
Power supply: 1 phase 220 V, 50/60 Hz
Dimensions: 575x510x1560 mm (LxWxH)
Weight: 230 kg

Manufacturer: Korea

Price FOB: from $11.300,00 

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Q. Can I trust you to order this equipment?
A. You can refer to the reviews of our previous buyers. This is the key point. If you have noticed, we have been working for a long time. We have a large list of our customers who produce food products. We can also give you the contacts of our customers (with their consent) and you can get the necessary information. We are confident that you will receive positive feedback.

Q. Which companies have already bought such equipment from you?
A. Please see our reference list. 

Q. Can I see the operation of the machine in some operating enterprise before buying?
A. Usually business owners are not very fond of competitors, but we will try to arrange such a visit (after confirming your order). Or we can give you a video of the equipment in operation.

Q. If I have no experience with this technology, can I learn quickly?
A. Yes, this model is suitable for a startup, we provide basic training and a basic recipe.

Q. What kind of raw material can be used?
A. You can use the following grains: white rice, brown or brown rice, black rice, crushed corn, whole wheat, roasted buckwheat, barley, adlai millet, oats, chia, wheat granules or crushed wheat, bean granules, potato granules, corn granules, sweet potato granules and multigrain granules, pea, soy granules.

Q. What is the best raw material to use whole only?
A. You can use all whole grains or defatted oily cereals and their mixtures, including imported pellets. You can also use crushed grain, especially for ryrya corn. Whole corn cannot be used. It is also impossible to use not fried buckwheat (green buckwheat).

Q. Is there a warranty for new equipment?
A. Yes, there is a warranty and the manufacturer will repair or replace all defective parts within 12 months from the date of equipment start-up, except for electrical, electronic and normal wear parts. During the warranty period, the cost of the spare part is free of charge. Delivery of spare parts to your country is paid by the buyer.

Q. Can I lose my warranty within 1 year?
A. The equipment is voided from the warranty if it is not used for its intended purpose. In the event of a repair or replacement, all costs for transport, accommodation of the manufacturer's technician/s are paid by the buyer.

Q. Can I repair this equipment myself?
A. Yes, we provide technical advice remotely, these machines have the ease of maintenance by unskilled people.

Q. What if I have unexpected problems with my machine?
A.If the problem cannot be solved, please contact us via email, Viber or WhatsApp. Also send us a description and video of your problem.

Q. What tools will be needed to maintain such a machine?
A. We complete with the equipment, we put all the necessary small spare parts and tools for maintenance and care of the equipment.

1. Tools
Screwdrivers: +/- 1 pc. each
Hex wrench set: 1 set
Ring wrench set: 5 pcs.
Steel brush: 1 pc.
Cleaning bar: 1 piece
Spare bolts and screws
2. Spare parts
springs: 2 pcs.
SSR (Solid State Relay): 1pc
Heater: 1 pc.
Relay: 1 pc.

Q. What is the daily maintenance of the machine?
A. The operator should only clean the machine after each shift with compressed air, blow off all the trash. That's how simple it is! There is no need to clean the mold. She cleans herself.

Q. Where can I get spare parts for repairs?
A. It is possible to buy spare parts from us.

Q. Is there after-sales service?
A. We always do our best for our customers. Their satisfaction is the guarantee of the quality of our products. Therefore, we support the client at all stages, from choosing the most suitable machine, guaranteeing all the necessary spare parts and consumables and providing our constant telephone and local assistance, at any time and in the shortest possible time.

Q. Will I be able to install and run this equipment myself?
O. Yes, you can do it yourself. Installation by our specialists is an additional service, not included in the price of the machine.

Q. How often should the hydraulic oil in the system be changed?
A. You can replace it after 3000 hours of machine use.

Q. What is the production time for one machine?
A. Depending on the quantity and model, the production and shipment time for this particular model is approximately 21-30 business days. Some of the machines are already partially assembled and we will do our best to send the goods as quickly as possible.

Q. How much does one machine cost?
A. Factory price for this model FOB: $11,300.00. Please check with us for prices of other models.

Q. If I'm from the EU, does the price stay the same?
A. No, for the EU, there are stricter safety and operating regulations and we add additional safety guards to the design of the machine and the price is FOB: $11.800,00

Q. What options are available for this machine?
A. For convenience, we offer an optional large hopper that fits into the standard hopper. A large hopper costs $300 (photo below) and its capacity is enough for 8 hours of continuous operation, and a standard hopper is enough for two hours of operation, so you need to add grain from time to time.

Q. Can the diameter of the round mold be changed on this machine?
A. No, the diameter always stays 90 mm on this model. On the initial equipment, you cannot change the diameter of the circle. Let us know if you need a model for the production of products of different diameters. We will give you a separate offer.

Q. Can the thickness of the cakes be adjusted?
A. Yes you can, from 3 to 12 mm.

Q. Can the production speed be adjusted?
A. Yes, you can receive from 720 to 1028 pieces per hour on this model. The thinner the cakes, the faster the machine runs.

Q. Can different product weights be produced on the same machine?
A. No, the thickness will be adjustable, but the weight will not. To change the weight of the product, you need to buy an additional new ejector plate with a different diameter for the passage of raw materials.

Q. How many models can you offer?
A. There are up to 50 different models of such machines, and all prices are different. In order to correctly propose a model to you, you need to answer some of our questions in the email. See the photo of the automatic line below.

Q. What kind of rice cakes can be made on this model of machine?
A.Three shapes can be made by adjusting one control knob or changing the thickness: perfectly flat round shape, bumpy round shape and thin curved shape like in these photos.

Q. What other shapes of rice cakes are available to order?
A. There are diameters of cakes for a round shape from 25-100 mm; there are also options for rectangular, square, triangular shapes (4-5 types); different forms of animals and plants, stars, crescent moon, bone, Mickey Mouse, Santa Claus, butterfly, cookie, ellipse, etc.

Q. Do you have laboratory equipment for technology development?
A.Yes, we offer an inexpensive model for this purpose, here is the description, laboratory model. 

Q. Will I be able to top the rice cakes with a chocolate coating?
A. Yes, we offer such initial equipment for this purpose, it can be coated only on one side or completely on both sides, enrobing machine + tempering device.

Q. Can I then caramelize the top of the rice cakes?
A. Yes, we offer such initial equipment for these purposes. 

Q. Can salt be added to the inside of the cakes?
A.Yes, in the process of soaking the grain, a saline solution is added to the water, but it should not be too saturated, not more than %. If more, then when the cakes explode, the salt will come out to the surface of the cylinder and will scratch the molds. You can also sprinkle salt on still warm bread rolls (before packing).

Q. Can sugar be added to the grain mixture before cooking?
A. Sugar cannot be added when soaking the grain, because the mold will burn. If necessary, you can add a solution of liquid stevia when soaking the grain.

Q. Can I get colored rice cakes?
A. Yes, you can if you use rice pellets with dye. The dye can be black, green, yellow, or another color. Here are examples below in the photo.

Q. Can spices be added to the grain mixture before cooking?
A. No, spices should not be added when soaking the grains, will burn or be on the surface of the cylinder and will damage the mold. Spices or flavorings can be sprinkled on still warm cakes (before packaging). To do this, we offer this drum. 

Q. If the local rice is too sticky, what should I do?
A. We suggest mixing it for some time in such a belt-type mixer. 

Q. If the local grain is too trashy, what should I do to use it as a raw material for making crispbread?
A. Of course, it is better to buy clean grain right away, but we also have equipment for washing grain. 

Q. Do I need to additionally moisten the grain?
A. Yes, moisture content of normal rice: about 14-18% or higher (higher rice moisture, temperature and pressure, you can make thicker rice cakes. Harder-skinned grains (wheat or corn grits): about 18-20 % or higher.

Q. How much does it cost to pack a machine for transportation to me in another country?
A. We immediately include the cost of packaging in the price. The machine is packed in a vacuum bag and then in a wooden box for sea or air delivery, as in these photos.

Q. Is there a difference in the configuration of equipment for air transportation?
A. For air freight, we do not fill the equipment with hydraulic oil. This is important for transportation and customs clearance. During commissioning, you must purchase the appropriate Viscosity 46 hydraulic oil in your country.

Q. Can you help me with equipment delivery?
A.Yes, we help with shipping. We also have a carrier company to your country. If you have your own carrier, tell us and we will be able to give him all the information for transportation - dimensions and weight in the package.

Q. How can I control the machine?
A. The operation details of the machine are detailed in the manual, and its controls are quite simple to use.

Q. How many hours can the machine be used?
A. The machine can be used for 12 to 24 hours. If the machine is used for 24 hours, the wear of parts increases.

Q. Do you have a budget option for packaging ready-made rice cakes?
A. Yes, there are many packaging solutions. We can advise you. You can also show us your packaging option. Packaging machine. 

Q. What is the minimum set of equipment that cannot be dispensed with in the production of rice cakes?
A. To start making rice (grain) cakes, you only need a plastic bucket with a tight lid, a bread machine, a moisture meter and a packer. The moisture meter should measure the moisture both in the middle of the grain and on the surface of the grain. You can buy a moisture meter in each country from local sellers.

Q. How can I pay for the order, how much is the prepayment?
A. We will issue you an Invoice for payment to the factory. The advance payment is usually 50% + 50% before shipment of the equipment. If you need a contract, we can help you. Write to us what documents you need to prepare for you.

Q. Can I immediately test my equipment with raw materials at the factory?
A. In the factory, during the testing process, test rice cakes will be made for you and sent to you along with the machine as a product sample. We also guarantee the production of pure wheat bread on our equipment.

Depending on the use of raw materials or depending on the country, our equipment may have different names, such as: corn cake machine, corn chips machine, crispbread processor, rice popper, grain processor, potato chips machine, crispbread making machine, rice cake making machine, popped rice cake machine, puffed rice cake machine, popped chips machine, cereal chips making machine, pop cake making machine, etc.

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