Grain food machines

Bread crumb grinder

The bread crumb grinder is rugged, reliable durable, and gives safety to the user. The structure is stainless steel inox and the mouth of the sifter in aluminum casting. The grinding unit permits the selection of two different granulated sizes. The safety device is made with three covers inside the mixing tank.

Breadsticks machine

New multifunctional Italian breadstick production machine. On the machine possible to use wheat, mixed grain dough, including gluten-free or with additives - spices. The secret to success in this business lies in the original recipe and packaging. Cutting off the length of the grissini is automatic.
€9,280.00 €7,424.00

Crispbread maker

Our Italian company produces an automatic crispbread machine with sprinkling of poppy seeds, sesame seeds, salt, herbs, or spices. In this model you just need to load already rolled out dough, then the machine will cut and spread the crispbread on baking sheets. In a more expensive model, the machine already has a dough pre-rolling and lamination unit.

Deep fryer donuts

Our Italian company manufactures a new automatic electric deep fryer, working in continuous mode, with a closed circuit conveyor belt type G, for frying about 40-60 kg/h of donuts.
€10,641.00 €9,576.90

Dough divider automatic vacuum

We offer you new equipment for dividing and rounding soft dough with a water content above 55%. This model comes with one piston with a diameter of 140 mm for dividing dough pieces from 1700 to 1400 grams. Endowed with a pre-rounding device at the exit of the pieces. This machine fully automatic both by weight adjustment and speed adjustment. Production capacity: 960-maximum 2600 pieces/hour. Equipped with a loading hopper stainless steel large capacity not less than 200kg. Coating of the replaceable hopper with Teflon coating.
€16,690.00 €11,500.00

Flat bread production line

The secret to success in the extruded flat bread production business lies in the original recipe and packaging. The idea of ​​producing non-harmful gluten-free products is very relevant and in demand in the modern world.