Pretzel equipment

An automatic multifunctional model, for the pretzel, grissini sticks, bagels, and taralli production. The company produces a multifunctional automatic pretzel molder, and not only... Specially designed machine for the production of crispy snacks from rice, corn, wheat, and mixed grain dough, including gluten-free or flavored. The secret of success in this business lies in the original recipe and packaging.
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The smallest and simplest pretzel-forming machine. Our Italian company manufactures this semi-automatic salted pretzel moulder. It turns out pretzels of various sizes, molded from a strip of dough. We invest dough on top of the machine, it passes it through the cutting knives. We cut to length manually with a knife fixed in the machine. Packaging may vary, including paper, blister, box or flow pack. Supplied as only the molder, and the whole line (from mixer to palletizer). All surfaces in contact with dough in INOX stainless steel or Teflon. Output of finished products can reach the speed of 25kg/hour. The matrix is ​​easily interchangeable, removed by two rotating handles.

Machine technical information:

dough diameter 4-24 mm
production capacity up to 25 kg/h
electrical power of equipment 74/60 W
power supply 380 Volts, 3 phases
weight 20 kg
height 30 cm
length 65 cm
width 50 cm

Options: in addition to the matrix installed on the machine (listed at the time of order), other matrices for various types and diameters of strips can be obtained test 4-24 mm. A standard order includes one test matrix.

Additional stainless steel matrix - 720,00 EUR
Additional matrix with Teflon coating - 600,00 EUR

Power supply 220 Volt, 1 phase +830,00 EUR

Note: the price does not include packaging in wooden formwork +30.00 EUR. We give free packaging only in bubble wrap.

Manufacturer: Italy

Price EXW: 3.300,00 EUR