Potato snack equipment

Industrial deep fryer for french fries

Our Italian company manufactures automatic electric continuous fryer with closed conveyor belt type 156 G, for frying about 60 kg/h of for french fries. The fryer has the following features: Lower belt and upper belt with adjustable speed; Double modulating burner for heating oil; Controlled temperature by electronic thermostat; Jointed support feet with adjustable height; Stromg structure in stainless steel AISI304; Oil downloading on the bottom of fryer; Cover to contain oil vapor; On request is possible add an aspirator; The fryer can be with GAS burner or ELECTRIC resistence;
€12,586.00 €11,956.70

Used potato sorting machine Tolsma-Grisnich MV13 60 t/h

We offer a used sorting machine for potatoes Tolsma-Grisnich MV13 50-60 t/h. 4 main sizes + small sub-sizes. Line 2015 in good condition. Complete with different steel sieves: sieve size 220 x 130 cm. Supplied with rubberized sieves in the following sizes: 2 x 20 mm, 2 x 28 mm, 2 x 35 mm, 2 x 38mm, 2 x 40mm, 2x 45mm, 2 x 50mm, 2 x 55mm, 2 x 60mm, 1 x 70mm. The line is suitable for sorting potatoes and onions.
€55,000.00 €27,500.00

Potato chips making machine 720 pcs/h

On such equipment, it is possible to produce three types of products, depending on the equipment settings: chips, biscuits and bread rolls. Very tasty for buyers will add chocolate, yogurt, jelly or fudge icing to such products. This equipment is for beginners. The secret to business success chips, lies in the original recipe and packaging. Packaging can be very different, including paper and film. Supplied as a press only the whole line (from the grain mixing and soaking hopper). This is a budget Korean equipment for the production of rice cakes 2 pcs in 1 min. Company manufactures a fully automated press for the production of cereals. We supply the whole line from production to its storage on a pallet, finished products. Specially designed equipment is suitable for the production of whole grain breads from white, black, wild rice, corn, wheat, wheat pellet, potato pellet, corn pellet, sweet potato pellet, barley, millet, kamut, buckwheat, oats, grain mixes and gelatinized granules. For all forms 14 kg of rice for 2 hours of work or 42 kg for 6 hours of work. All types of oil-free grains can be used.