Portuguese snacks

Pastel da nata machine

Pastel de nata machine or Portuguese cream cakes machine (Pastel de nata) based on puff pastry. The machine can automatically form dough pieces up to a maximum of 1900 pieces per hour. With the experience and knowledge gained during 25 years in the food industry, we have gathered all the skills and conditions required to understand all the requirements involved in an investment project in the field of baking and in the production of confectionery, we offer valuable proposals aimed at investors, supporting the implementation of their ideas and contribution to the improvement of their projects. In Portugal, Angola, Mozambique, Ukraine, Spain and Brazil, through our subsidiaries or through our network of agents in other parts of the world, we provide the best equipment solutions in the industrial baking of bread and confectionery. We are manufacturers specialized in bakery equipment, confectionery equipment, suitable for small and large production units.

Rotating drum for mixing snacks

We offer you a new Chinese rotating octagonal mixing drum dry spices/salt with snacks, croutons, corn sticks, chips up to 200 kg/h. Performance may vary depending on product size or requirements to mixing. Unloading is carried out by lowering the lever on the right of the drum, everything is simple.

Flavoring drum machine

We offer a set of new Chinese equipment for making dry spices/salt into chips up to 200 kg/h. Performance on the same line can be different, depending on nozzle size.

Cookie packaging machine

We invite you to consider an offer for a simple but very effective new Chinese twistator packer for a variety of snacks. Designed for small food producers. You can pack shortbread, sugar, biscuit cookies, as well as crackers, and other products as well on our equipment. In appearance, the package turns out like a bag with a tail. The shelf life of products in the package is up to 1 year. This is traditional European packaging. This is the average small and versatile twist machine in the series. Available in the desktop version, it is safe and easy to use and guarantees closing speed, which greatly reduces packing time.

Spiral puff cooler

We offer a new Dutch atmospheric air cooler, open type for puffs on trays 800 x 600 mm, with a total capacity of 1000 kg/h.