Onion and garlic processing

Used M&P Engineering onion peeling machine

I propose to consider a proposal for used English equipment for peeling onions and trimming the tail and spine. The operator sits in a chair on the machine and puts onions of different sizes into the cells, then the machine does everything by itself. 1 PC. - Made of ordinary steel and painted. The exact year of release is not known. EXW price: 50.000,00 EUR 1 PC. - Made from stainless steel become. Year of issue: 2017 EXW price: 98.500,00 EUR One of the machines was made in 2017 as stated in my offer and the mild steel machine is 25 years old. The 2017 machine is immaculate and barely used. A complete maintenance of the old mild steel machine was carried out 6 months ago.
€100,000.00 €50,000.00

Used onion peeler machine Tecnoceam

I propose to consider an offer for used Spanish equipment for peeling onions and trimming the tail and spine. Operators sit next to two conveyors of the machine and put onions of different sizes into the cells, then the machine does everything by itself and gives out onions from one conveyor. This onion peeler is an automatic machine, each onion is put into the puzzle manually, the rest of the processes are automatic, it is fully operational and is in Spain. Cleaning speed 60 pcs/min. Everything is made of stainless steel. Video of the car in the application. If you take it in the "as is" condition, then the EXW price: 58.000,00 EUR, if you want, we can replace worn parts and guarantee 4 months, but then the car will cost EXW: 60.000,00 EUR. Productivity: 2800 kg/h.
€116,000.00 €58,000.00

Used onion peeler JBT FTNON-100

I propose to consider an offer for a used onion peeler JBT FTNON 100, the line has a hopper, a conveyor and a peeling machine (100 onions per minute, size 55–130 mm). Year of manufacture 2011. Completely stainless steel. Bought in 2011 (like new). The company was used until 2016, the factory has not used them since. So they were used only 5 years in production. They need some checking and maintenance because the break in production was too long. In my opinion, they will need some maintenance, possibly replacement of parts or bearings. And we can sell it only in the state it is in now. For information, there is still a label on the equipment: Dofra Foodtec, now it is JBT FTNON B.V. Available 3 pcs. such onion cleaning lines!
€120,000.00 €60,000.00

Used SORMAC USM-X100 onion peeling machine

This used Netherlands automatic machine has been designed to completely peel and trim onions from the stem and spine. The operator corrects onions of different sizes in cells on a conveyor, then the machine does everything by itself. The kit includes an onion inspection conveyor and a waste conveyor, original photo in the application. The machine will be with a new PLC. The repair will be done in Denmark, after your confirmation and payment and this is primarily an electrical system, so how exactly for this reason the car was discontinued. Before that it worked perfectly. I think that the replaced parts will be under warranty. The video will test run with or without the product. Thanks to a well-designed system, there is practically no pressure on the product, so there will be no loss of juice, which increases the shelf life and quality of the product. About 30% of the onion is cut off.
€120,000.00 €30,000.00

Rotating drum for mixing snacks

We offer you a new Chinese rotating octagonal mixing drum dry spices/salt with snacks, croutons, corn sticks, chips up to 200 kg/h. Performance may vary depending on product size or requirements to mixing. Unloading is carried out by lowering the lever on the right of the drum, everything is simple.

Flavoring drum machine

We offer a set of new Chinese equipment for making dry spices/salt into chips up to 200 kg/h. Performance on the same line can be different, depending on nozzle size.