Nut processing equipment

caramelized nuts machine

We offer a new set of Turkish equipment for caramelization of nuts 20 kg / h. The kit includes: a gas-fired caramel boiling machine with a capacity of one load of 10 kg. Then the caramel is transferred to the dragee drum and the nuts are covered with a thin layer of caramel. After rotation and cooling, the nuts are obtained with a crunchy caramel crust. Caramel boiling machine price only: $2.000.00

Rotating drum for mixing snacks

We offer you a new Chinese rotating octagonal mixing drum dry spices/salt with snacks, croutons, corn sticks, chips up to 200 kg/h. Performance may vary depending on product size or requirements to mixing. Unloading is carried out by lowering the lever on the right of the drum, everything is simple.