Milk snacks equipment

Cheese block cutting machine

I propose to consider a commercial offer for our new Dutch equipment, cutting cheese into bars of different weights and sizes. Productivity is 1000 kg/h. If a take classic cars for these purposes, they are quite expensive, so there is our simple solution, the weight may not be accurate when cutting. The packaging can put the scales in the stream.

Mozzarella melting and pulling machine

Our Italian company offers you a new mozzarella cheese melting-pulling machine. The performance of this equipment 450-600 kg/h, single load 150 kg. I would like to draw your attention to an important feature of our steam melting machines: they are standard equipped with two augers with independent motors. Rotation speed and direction of rotation can be adjusted independently for each auger, this means that the augers can rotate:

Used Bock & Sohn butter packaging line

We offer a used German fully automatic packaging machine for dosing, forming, and wrapping margarine, butter, and puff pastry in "sheet" packages of 1 or 2 kg in aluminum foil or parchment paper. Product feed through straight line and compensator, hydraulically driven dispenser (for viscose products). Photocell Wrapper for Print Centerer, Outfeed Conveyor, Coatings plexiglass and central lubrication system, control panel with PLC controller (manufacturer: Siemens S5). The machine is controlled by a cam, which ensures the functioning of the installation and, therefore, productivity. Includes instruction manual and wiring diagram. Excluding support pipe.
€550,000.00 €275,000.00

Used Oystar Hassia yogurt packaging equipment

We offer a used European automatic machine for forming, packing, capping (FFS) etc packaging for stirred yogurt with fruit particles with a maximum size of 10 mm. Productivity: 4 x 2 = 8 cups per stroke, 20 strokes per minute. Current size packaging: no more than 125 g, upper dimensions: 63 x 63 mm, lower side round with 64 mm deep.
€150,000.00 €75,000.00

Used whey separator Alfa Laval 35 t/h

We offer you a used whey skimmer separator sealed, self-cleaning. Previously used for serum as well. Alfa Laval's last service move was completed in December 2021. Includes bowl, motor housing, support frame, cyclone, pneumatic whey back pressure valve, flow indicator and automatic cream flow control valve. With OWM and a set of necessary tools for maintenance. Ring wrench and pressure tool tools. Free standing control panel with PLC (Tetra standard control system). Including documentation.
€240,000.00 €120,000.00

Vertical cutter mixer cooker for melted cheese

We offer you our new Turkish equipment for the production of processed cheese 1200 liters. The melting of the prepared mixture is carried out in special closed boiler type Stephan. The cheese mass is heated with the help of steam, which is supplied under high pressure directly into the product (steam passes through a filter). At the same time, the mass is mixed with a special blade at a speed 1000 rpm. The melting point is 85–90°C, the product is kept at it for 3–8 minutes. The end of melting is determined according to the state of the mass: it must be homogeneous and sufficiently fluid, without unmelted particles of cheese. Melted cheese mass pumped through pipes and immediately packaged on special machines in various consumer containers. The cheese is then chilled in a refrigerator chamber to a temperature not higher than plus 15°C.