Machines for ethnic products

Automatic croissant machine up to 4000 pieces/h

We offer you a new automatic machine for making lush French croissants for the bakery. After the dough sheeter has rolled out the dough desired thickness and cut into triangles, blanks are fed immediately automatically to the croissant moulder. And the finished croissant jumps out of the machine! The machine is designed to mold croissants without the risk of loss of dough due to its involuntary sticking together. This is an outdoor machine: on this machine you can work with puff pastry whose thickness ranges from 3 to 5 mm. Loading and unloading from the front. Performance 1320-4000 pieces per hour. For many years, our Italian company has specialized, among other things, in the production of manual dough sheeters, machines, automatic croissant machines, confectionery mini lines for cutting dough rolls. In addition, the buyer has priority over the choice of equipment from stainless steel AISI 304.
€31,000.00 €27,900.00

Baklava production machine

The machine is designed for baklava production. The capacity of the kit depends on the technologist and staff, on average it is 60-70 kg/hour. The machine uses electric boilers. The dimensions of the product are specified when ordering. The automated line was designed and manufactured primarily for rolling out baklava dough, as well as other products. Made from stainless chrome steel. The machine includes a chiller, dough feeding system, dough sheeting system, and conveyor.

Forming machine for swedish crispbread 25 kg/h

The smallest and simplest molding machine. Our Italian company produces this semi-automatic crispbread moulder. Secret of success in the crispbread business lies in the original recipe and packaging. Bread rolls are obtained different sizes, made and baked according to classical technology. We put the dough on top of the machine, it passes it through the cutting blades. We cut to length manually with a knife fixed in the machine. Packaging may vary, including paper, blister, box or flow pack. Supplied as only the molder, and the whole line (from mixer to palletizer). All surfaces in contact with dough in INOX stainless steel or Teflon. Output of finished products can reach the speed of 25 kg/hour. The matrix is ​​easily interchangeable, removed by two rotating handles.
€3,300.00 €2,970.00

Grissini machine 70 kg/h

New Italian multifunctional grissini machine with up to 70 kg/h capacity. Wheat, mixed grain dough, including gluten-free or with additives - spices can be used for the grissini production on the machine. The secret to success in such a business is the original recipe and packaging.
€11,600.00 €10,440.00

Pastel da nata machine 1900 pcs/h

Pastel de nata machine or Portuguese cream cakes machine (Pastel de nata) based on puff pastry. The machine can automatically form dough pieces up to a maximum of 1900 pieces per hour. With the experience and knowledge gained during 25 years in the food industry, we have gathered all the skills and conditions required to understand all the requirements involved in an investment project in the field of baking and in the production of confectionery, we offer valuable proposals aimed at investors, supporting the implementation of their ideas and contribution to the improvement of their projects. In Portugal, Angola, Mozambique, Ukraine, Spain and Brazil, through our subsidiaries or through our network of agents in other parts of the world, we provide the best equipment solutions in the industrial baking of bread and confectionery. We are manufacturers specialized in bakery equipment, confectionery equipment, suitable for small and large production units.

Popcorn making equipment 8 kg/h

We offer you a new Chinese popcorn explosion drum with stirring function up to 8 kg/h. Unloading is carried out by lowering the lever on the right of the drum, everything is simple. For the manufacture of popcorn, only a special variety of corn is used, namely, exploding. Conventional corn, used primarily for starch or livestock feed, is very difficult or impossible to make popcorn. Exploding corn has a very thin, but much harder and slightly vitreous shell than ordinary corn. After cooking popcorn, parts of this shell often remain stuck to the final product. Exploding corn has a very large yield. A handful of grains gives a large bowl of popcorn.