Honey snacks machines

Jelly honey candies line

When you do not know what else can be made from honey, welcome to us! Lots of ideas and technical solutions to create different products from honey! We offer you a new Chinese automatic line for the production of jelly honey sweets of various shapes, with casting into silicone molds. Jelly candies will be based on gelatin. Tasty and healthy.

Ribbon blender 25 kg

We offer a new Taiwanese universal grain mixer. Whole machine made of stainless steel. Belt mixer. It can be moved around clockwise and counterclockwise. The mixer is very durable with low breakdowns. Comes with cover and drain slope, easy to operate. Can mix everything!

Turbo mixer

We offer a new Taiwanese universal turbo-mixer for mixing liquids with some other raw materials. Professional industrial blender for making any kind of juice, smoothies, sauces, pastes, etc. Suitable for mixing liquid products, making different smoothie flavors in 3 minutes. The whole machine is made of stainless steel. The mixer is very durable with low breakdowns. Comes with cover and drain slope, easy to operate. You can mix everything! For example, water with coconut flakes, to get coconut milk. Turbo mixer from the basic version, comes without a tap - the liquid is poured out by tilting.

Confectionery decor extruder

We offer you our new machine for the production of confectionery decoration or colored sugar powder 50 kg/h. Double mixing hopper to make dough mass during extrusion without stopping production. The inverter is designed for: protection of the machine in case of excessive efforts and errors by the operator. operator protection (immediate stop when opening the lid). automatic control of the direction of rotation. extrusion speed control.
€19,230.00 €17,307.00

Device for spraying caramel on crispbreads

The caramel coating machine is a piece of equipment that can spray "caramel" on the surface of exploded bread, Belgian waffles and more. Similar products are created by spraying caramel syrup with the ability to adjusting the pressure, the amount of caramel and the angle of inclination. The device consists of caramel atomizer and a heated base on which the atomizer is installed. The airmix spray system is used. The compressor is supplied on request. Pressure 0.5-3.5 bar.