Donut equipment

Deep fryer donuts

Our Italian company manufactures a new automatic electric deep fryer, working in continuous mode, with a closed circuit conveyor belt type G, for frying about 40-60 kg/h of donuts.

Enrobing machine 120 mm

With our German chocolate coating machine, it is possible to enrob various confectionery products with chocolate or other glaze, completely or so much on one side. The 120 mm enrober has a capacity of 15 kg and will be supplied as a simple table top model. The standard model is equipped with a removable 1m outfeed conveyor to cool finished goods on paper. This is the minimum budget option for beginners.

Tempering device

I offer you a laboratory tabletop tempering bath for tempering, melting and storing tempered chocolate, it can be used anywhere because it works without water. The container is removable to facilitate thorough cleaning. The machine heated and cooled, so the tempering process is very fast and reliable and is controlled by a digital thermostat for excellent result. Operating the machine in standby mode allows, for example, melting chocolate overnight and then automatically switch to working mode.