Classic crispbread line

Crispbread maker

Our Italian company produces an automatic crispbread machine with sprinkling of poppy seeds, sesame seeds, salt, herbs, or spices. In this model you just need to load already rolled out dough, then the machine will cut and spread the crispbread on baking sheets. In a more expensive model, the machine already has a dough pre-rolling and lamination unit.

Automatic rye dough divider

I offer you a new Italian dough divider for rye or wheat-rye dough with a capacity of 2400 pcs/h. This volume divider model is OMEGA divides the required amount of dough into equal parts. It includes a tubular structure supporting the gears. Machine protected set of fuses. The whole unit is presented in the form of an enameled block with an anti-corrosion coating. Dividing operations are carried out hydraulic circuit pumped under pressure by a pump motor. The movement of the dividing gears is carried out by two hydraulic cylinders, which controlled by solenoid valves. The machine is equipped with a dough hopper 10 with a dosing system on the top rim, which prevents the possibility of excessive test loads. Then the dough passes into the weighing chamber 3, which the operator pre-programs with the handle 1. Excess dough after weighing goes back to the bunker.