Butter and margarine

Used Bock & Sohn butter packaging line 1500 pcs/h

We offer a used German fully automatic packaging machine for dosing, forming, and wrapping margarine, butter, and puff pastry in "sheet" packages of 1 or 2 kg in aluminum foil or parchment paper. Product feed through straight line and compensator, hydraulically driven dispenser (for viscose products). Photocell Wrapper for Print Centerer, Outfeed Conveyor, Coatings plexiglass and central lubrication system, control panel with PLC controller (manufacturer: Siemens S5). The machine is controlled by a cam, which ensures the functioning of the installation and, therefore, productivity. Includes instruction manual and wiring diagram. Excluding support pipe.
€550,000.00 €275,000.00

Butter block 1-5 kg cutting machine 1000 kg/h

I propose to consider a commercial offer for our new Netherlandish equipment, cutting butter into bars of 5 or 1 kg. Productivity is 1000 kg/h. If a take classic machines for these purposes, they are quite expensive, so there is our simple solution, the weight may not be accurate when cutting. The packaging can put the scales in the stream.