Bread crumbs equipment

Bread crumb grinder

The bread crumb grinder is rugged, reliable durable, and gives safety to the user. The structure is stainless steel inox and the mouth of the sifter in aluminum casting. The grinding unit permits the selection of two different granulated sizes. The safety device is made with three covers inside the mixing tank.

Rotating drum for mixing snacks

We offer you a new Chinese rotating octagonal mixing drum dry spices/salt with snacks, croutons, corn sticks, chips up to 200 kg/h. Performance may vary depending on product size or requirements to mixing. Unloading is carried out by lowering the lever on the right of the drum, everything is simple.

Breadcrumbs packaging machine

We invite you to consider an offer for a simple but very effective new Chinese twistator packer for a variety of snacks. Designed for small food producers. Our equipment can pack Italian crispy crostini, croutons vanilla mini croutons, croutons, and other products as well. In appearance, the package turns out like a bag with a tail. Products expiration date in packaging up to 1 year. This is traditional European packaging. This is the average small and versatile twist machine in the series. Available in a desktop version, it is safe and easy to use and guarantees fast closing, greatly reducing packing time.

Double drum flavoring machine

We offer a set of new Chinese equipment for adding spices and salt to chips, various snacks, crispbread up to 200 kg/h. The output on the same line may vary depending on the size of the product and his weight. If desired, you can add the option to adjust the rotation speed of two reels at once.