Biscuit making equipment

Automatic walnut cake machine

I propose to consider new equipment for baking in molds + stuffing inside, an automatic machine from a Korean company with a capacity of 700-750 pieces / hour. In the original, a sweet red bean filling is served + you can manually put half of the walnut itself into each nut. But, of course, the filling can be different: chocolate, melted cheese, cream, peanut butter, etc. The ejection of the finished nut occurs automatically! The equipment is available in a separate version (two types of fuel), gas model or electric. Electric model 20-2 costs more - $25,000.00

Cookie packaging machine

We invite you to consider an offer for a simple but very effective new Chinese twistator packer for a variety of snacks. Designed for small food producers. You can pack shortbread, sugar, biscuit cookies, as well as crackers, and other products as well on our equipment. In appearance, the package turns out like a bag with a tail. The shelf life of products in the package is up to 1 year. This is traditional European packaging. This is the average small and versatile twist machine in the series. Available in the desktop version, it is safe and easy to use and guarantees closing speed, which greatly reduces packing time.

Enrobing machine 120 mm

With our German chocolate coating machine, it is possible to enrob various confectionery products with chocolate or other glaze, completely or so much on one side. The 120 mm enrober has a capacity of 15 kg and will be supplied as a simple table top model. The standard model is equipped with a removable 1m outfeed conveyor to cool finished goods on paper. This is the minimum budget option for beginners.

Tempering device

I offer you a laboratory tabletop tempering bath for tempering, melting and storing tempered chocolate, it can be used anywhere because it works without water. The container is removable to facilitate thorough cleaning. The machine heated and cooled, so the tempering process is very fast and reliable and is controlled by a digital thermostat for excellent result. Operating the machine in standby mode allows, for example, melting chocolate overnight and then automatically switch to working mode.

Decorative sprinkles machine

We offer you our new Italian confectionery machine in the form of small hearts, No. 810 in the size of 6 mm. Can be used like a normal paste or as a sugar confectionery topping.

Sugar powder mill

We offer new Turkish equipment, kit. This is a new Turkish hammer mill. It is made of stainless steel, the body is made of ordinary steel. With size 1 mm sieves, the mill produces 1000 kg per hour and at the same time the size of the fraction is 60-90 microns. The volume of the bunker is 800 kg. Hammer quality 304 stainless steel, 16 rows of hammers. Engine 22 kW 3000 rpm.