Bar production line

Cereal bar cutting machine

We offer a new Turkish table without cooling, designed for the production whole grain bars made from seeds, nuts and bran with binding syrup. it there may be gluten-free bars. For complete readiness, they can pass dehydration, UV drying or normal oven baking. Line productivity: up to 100 kg/h.

Cereal bars machine

This equipment is for beginners. Budget Korean equipment for the production of bars for 30 pcs in 1 min. The company manufactures completely automated press for the production of grain bread. We supply the entire line from production to its storage on a pallet, finished products. Specially designed equipment is suitable for the production of whole grain breads from white, black, wild rice, corn, wheat, wheat in pellets, potatoes in pellets, corn in pellets, sweet potatoes in pellets, barley, millet, kamut, buckwheat, oats, grain mixtures and gelatinized granules. The secret to success in the crispbread business lies in the original recipe and packaging. Packaging can be very different, including paper and film. Supplied both the press and the whole line (from the hopper for mixing and soaking the grain). 1 press = 1 mold.