Ball mill vertical for chocolate 1000 kg

We invite you to consider the new Turkish ball mill with a maximum load of 1 ton, minimum 400 kg. Mill of vertical cylindrical type.

We invite you to consider the new Turkish ball mill with a maximum load of 1 ton, minimum 400 kg. Mill of vertical cylindrical type.

Materials and appearance:

Single loading: maximum 1000 kg/load (minimum 400 kg/load).
Mill of vertical cylindrical type.
Entirely made of AISI 304L materials with 3.1 certificate.
Welding will be done by TIG welding with 308 L welding wire certified welders and using an automatic welding machine.
The mill will have 4 pcs. specially designed heavy series poles.
The upper part of the mill is fixed with bolts and is completely removable.
A barrier will be welded on top of the mill.
A special 1/3 opening lid will be installed on the top of the mill heavy series.
The opening lid is pneumatically controlled, includes a valve and cylinders.
The output filter will be manufactured as a replaceable design.
It will have a special painted platform made of carbon steel.
Will have a recirculation line made of stainless steel pipes.
The recirculation line will be with a thermal jacket.
A cassette-type filter will be installed in front of the recirculation line pump - 1 pc.
Ball valves (1 pc. - 2-way, 1 pc. - 3-way) with a jacket, made of carbon steel, manually operated.
Flexible hoses for hot water.
The price includes an electric control panel.
Jacketed product pump (Petroland) 2.5m3/h and
connection to the pump.
The inner and outer surfaces of the mill will be cleaned (passivated) by decapitation.

Heating system and sensor connection:

The heating system of the mill is provided by a classic jacket system in the housing.
Jacket working pressure 5 bar, test will be carried out at 8 bar.
Tank jacket will be designed with hot/cold water supply from central water supply systems.
Electrical heating resistors 2 kW - 2 pcs. will be connected to the jacket.
For water circulation, the supply includes a Wilo brand circulation pump - 1 pc.
No isolation in the lateral lower part of the tank body there will be a 1/2'' PT100 coupling - 1 pc.
PT100 is included in delivery.
The inlet and outlet of water into the tank jacket is provided by a 1'' coupling

Mixing system and supply-drain of the product:

Heavy series mixing group will be applied.
Mixer socket (mixer) made of high density polyethylene.
The mixer (mixer) will be made with a motor-driven shaft and blades mixer of a special type, connected to the shaft.
The agitator blades will be made of special steel.
The mill will use 800 kg balls: 400 kg 3/8'' diameter (9.525 mm), 400 kg 7/16'' (11.112 mm) diameter.
The hardness value is 60-66 HRC. Material - chrome steel AISI 52100 (100Cr6).
Balls of the European origin of own import.
Different from other carbon steel balls - low wear due to friction and longer service life.
To prevent oil leakage, an additional seal will be placed on the gearbox counter flange sealing element.
To protect equipment in order to avoid oil leakage, we have developed a trap (labyrinth) oils.
An oil sight chamber is provided to detect possible oil leakage.
The connecting bridge plate of the reducer is made of thick material of heavy series and welded.
Mixer gearbox YILMAZ brand, 30 kW, approx. 110 rpm, toothed screw tapered and connected directly.
There is a mixer speed control device.
On the top of the mill, a flanged inlet for product supply - 1 pc. (DN80 PN16, EN1092-1/02).
In the lower side of the mill body there is a special flange hole for draining product - 1 pc.


The manufacturer undertakes to repair or replace all defective parts within 12 months from the start date of the equipment, except for electrical, electronic and parts subject to normal wear. Equipment is out of warranty if used inappropriately. In the event of a repair or replacement, all transport costs, accommodation of the manufacturer's technician/s are paid by the buyer.

Installation is optional, not included in the price.

Note: the price does not include packaging in foil on a pallet in a wooden box 400,00 EUR

All assembly and testing costs will be carried out directly on site and for your fee. Payment includes also travel, food and accommodation costs test engineer + daily travel expenses around $400.00 x each working day (how many days will be needed, depends on the work, at your request). In your full responsibility also all costs for electrical and hydraulic equipment supply, ventilation and waste disposal and disposal system.

Manufacturer: Turkey

Factory price EXW: 33.000,00 EUR