Bakery products equipment

Dough divider automatic vacuum

We offer you new equipment for dividing and rounding soft dough with a water content above 55%. This model comes with one piston with a diameter of 140 mm for dividing dough pieces from 1700 to 1400 grams. Endowed with a pre-rounding device at the exit of the pieces. This machine fully automatic both by weight adjustment and speed adjustment. Production capacity: 960-maximum 2600 pieces/hour. Equipped with a loading hopper stainless steel large capacity not less than 200kg. Coating of the replaceable hopper with Teflon coating.
€16,690.00 €11,500.00

Flour sifter

We invite you to consider the new Italian flour sifter. He is capable eliminate any load of caked flour and is specially built for enrichment oxygen to create good taste. Mounted on wheels with blocking device equipped with a rotating exit system. In the base model, the flour comes out 104 cm from the floor level (on request, the height can be changed). Can be served with both sides. Intermediate capacity 100 kg every 5 minutes. Painted with white paint.
€4,400.00 €3,960.00

Сiabatta machine

I offer you our new Italian equipment for the production of ciabatta, with a capacity of up to 5.5 tons / hour of finished products. it automatic divider for soft and hard dough, for branding classic ciabatta and small ciabatta. So are we produce, molding machines for making and baking ciabatta for small and medium businesses, there is an industrial line, served by one person. It is possible to produce, freeze and pack ciabatta as a semi-finished product for further home heating. Ciabatta is used to make sandwiches in many fast food chains.
€14,500.00 €11,600.00

Oval lavash forming machine

I offer you a new Lebanese-made molding machine for making oval-shaped pita bread, this can be, for example 60x40 cm. The molding machine laminates the dough into a very thin layer, from 2 mm thick and above, and then cuts it into an oval shape. If you want a different shape of lavash, for example, a rectangular one, it is also possible to do this in this machine by ordering longitudinal and transverse knives. Production capacity 400-500 pcs/h. Specification - on request. Additional security features +$500,00.

Spiral puff cooler

We offer a new Dutch atmospheric air cooler, open type for puffs on trays 800 x 600 mm, with a total capacity of 1000 kg/h.

Ribbon blender 25 kg

We offer a new Taiwanese universal grain mixer. Whole machine made of stainless steel. Belt mixer. It can be moved around clockwise and counterclockwise. The mixer is very durable with low breakdowns. Comes with cover and drain slope, easy to operate. Can mix everything!