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Popcorn making equipment 8 kg/h

We offer you a new Chinese popcorn explosion drum with stirring function up to 8 kg/h. Unloading is carried out by lowering the lever on the right of the drum, everything is simple. For the manufacture of popcorn, only a special variety of corn is used, namely, exploding. Conventional corn, used primarily for starch or livestock feed, is very difficult or impossible to make popcorn. Exploding corn has a very thin, but much harder and slightly vitreous shell than ordinary corn. After cooking popcorn, parts of this shell often remain stuck to the final product. Exploding corn has a very large yield. A handful of grains gives a large bowl of popcorn.

Grain processor for snacks Santa Claus 2800 pcs/h

How it works? Prepare the raw material in advance by moistening it with water to a certain humidity. Pour the grain into the upper hopper of the machine. Turn on the machine after which she independently dispenses ready-made snacks in the form of Santa Claus. Then pour the finished snacks into a bag and seal, you're done! As a raw material, you can use any grain that does not contain vegetable oil or crushed grain, a mixture of grains or pellet raw materials.