American snacks

Popcorn making equipment 8 kg/h

We offer you a new Chinese popcorn explosion drum with stirring function up to 8 kg/h. Unloading is carried out by lowering the lever on the right of the drum, everything is simple. For the manufacture of popcorn, only a special variety of corn is used, namely, exploding. Conventional corn, used primarily for starch or livestock feed, is very difficult or impossible to make popcorn. Exploding corn has a very thin, but much harder and slightly vitreous shell than ordinary corn. After cooking popcorn, parts of this shell often remain stuck to the final product. Exploding corn has a very large yield. A handful of grains gives a large bowl of popcorn.

Grain processor for snacks Santa Claus

How it works? Prepare the raw material in advance by moistening it with water to a certain humidity. Pour the grain into the upper hopper of the machine. Turn on the machine after which she independently dispenses ready-made snacks in the form of Santa Claus. Then pour the finished snacks into a bag and seal, you're done! As a raw material, you can use any grain that does not contain vegetable oil or crushed grain, a mixture of grains or pellet raw materials.

Hamburger сutting machine

This is a simple new Taiwan slicer for cutting buns, baguettes, pretzels, ciabatta, baguettes with a capacity of 3500 pieces/hour, if you lay out the buns in one row and make a full cut. If the buns are laid out in 2 rows, then productivity increases by 2 times respectively. Conveyor width 480 mm.

Rotating drum for mixing snacks

We offer you a new Chinese rotating octagonal mixing drum dry spices/salt with snacks, croutons, corn sticks, chips up to 200 kg/h. Performance may vary depending on product size or requirements to mixing. Unloading is carried out by lowering the lever on the right of the drum, everything is simple.

Flavoring drum machine

We offer a set of new Chinese equipment for making dry spices/salt into chips up to 200 kg/h. Performance on the same line can be different, depending on nozzle size.

Cookie packaging machine

We invite you to consider an offer for a simple but very effective new Chinese twistator packer for a variety of snacks. Designed for small food producers. You can pack shortbread, sugar, biscuit cookies, as well as crackers, and other products as well on our equipment. In appearance, the package turns out like a bag with a tail. The shelf life of products in the package is up to 1 year. This is traditional European packaging. This is the average small and versatile twist machine in the series. Available in the desktop version, it is safe and easy to use and guarantees closing speed, which greatly reduces packing time.