About us


Fort Skipper Machines wants to offer the customer reliable new and used machines since 2005. Furthermore, we try to help you achieve your objectives. This could involve improving the quality of the products or the working conditions and reducing the (employment) costs or improving the financial position. With you, Fort Skipper Machines will look for the best solution based on the customer’s requirements and objectives.


The team at Fort Skipper Machines searches for the best machines for our customers. We only offer quality machines at a favorable price—the customer profits from this straightforward relationship between price and quality.

The used machines were checked technically, cleaned, and repaired. Our technical staff, in collaboration with specialist experts and manufacturers, is reconditioning.

At your request, we can also assist in other services, such as worldwide transportation and installation.

      • We receive a request from you
      • We clarify the specification of the equipment with you (using E-mail, WhatsApp, Viber, and Telegram)
      • You can get advice from a specialist in the equipment selection (We will help you choose the suitable machine for you!)
      • We offer you equipment options
      • After the equipment sale, we are always in touch and ready to help you.
      • We can help you deliver the car to your company, wherever you are!

                                                                              ABOUT US

Welcome dear traveler. You are here, which means you are in search.

Perhaps you are a cool technologist and are looking for ways to implement your ideas.

You want to make this world a better place, and the product tastes better.

Let's find, invent, and unearth super recipes and technologies.

Look through these pages, maybe you will find your inspiration on them...

Are you a businessman? Are you an Entrepreneur? Believe me, you can find like-minded people who want to go along with you to do something better than it was yesterday.

Are you an Investor? Invest in food, in health, in the future, in life...

Call us, write to us, those who consult have wisdom, let's think together.

Your ideas, thoughts, joint efforts and our experience (since 2005 we have been studying the field of equipment, technologies, products from different countries; we have been exporting food from the USA) and we will find a suitable option with you.

And what if you make an effort and make the world around you a better place. We can help you choose.

Let's work together to make this world around us better, tastier, and healthier)

Let's direct the talent that is invested in us to good production and together create good tasty products that will not harm humanity, but will bring joy and benefit.

Just imagine such a world: good and harmless products, eco-friendly packaging, joyful emotional designs...

And further...

We offer equipment. Good equipment. It doesn't matter if it's new or has already served someone...

Our machines are successfully working in Europe, America, and Asia.

With our equipment, you can make the best bread and the worst, high-quality product and not so good... The choice is always yours.

Sculpt. Create. Create. Come up with Good Kind Products.

Let's reason together, think about how to make a business successful, a useful product, and leave a good mark.