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  • Plastitalia Milk Equipment
Plastitalia Milk Equipment
  • Plastitalia Milk Equipment
  • Plastitalia Milk Equipment
  • Plastitalia Milk Equipment
  • Plastitalia Milk Equipment
  • Plastitalia Milk Equipment

Plastitalia Milk Equipment

В наличии
5000 EUR
Страна производитель:Италия

Plastitalia Milk Equipment 


The company Plastitalia produces such equipment:

Tanks for cooling milk

Milk pasteurization



Plate Heat Exchangers

Tanks for mobile transport of milk

Milk receiving tank with a tank and stainless steel filter


Dairy pumps

Equipment for the production of cheese

Jacketted process (cooking - cooling)

Tank for ayran process

Tank for the process of kashkaval

Tank for kashkaval boiling

Equipment for the production of condensed milk

Melting tank 

Plastic molds for cheese and cottage cheese

Laboratory equipment for analysis

Rennet cheese cheeses

Portable Milking Machines

Milking parlors, farm equipment

Means for disinfection for points of milk reception

Plant for processing milk

Equipment of machines for milk producers.

We always do our best for our customers. Their satisfaction is a guarantee of the quality of our products. Therefore, we support the customer at all stages, from choosing the most suitable machine to purchase, guaranteeing all necessary spare parts and consumables and providing our constant telephone and local assistance, at any time and in the shortest possible time.


The manufacturer undertakes to repair or replace all defective parts within 12 monthes from the date of starting the equipment, except for electric, electronic and wear-prone parts. The equipment is removed from the warranty, if not used for its intended purpose. In case of repair or replacement, all costs for transportation, accommodation of the technician/s are paid by the buyer. 

Installation is optional, not included in the price. The shipment period is approximately 30 days.

Note: the price includes packing in bubble wrap.

Manufacturer: Plastitalia Italy

Price from the factory: on request

Страна производитель:Италия
Информация актуальна: 23.02.2018


Plastitalia Milk Equipment от компании Fort Skipper (Форт Скиппер), ООО, Киеве (Украина). Купить Plastitalia Milk Equipment со склада. Цена, фото, условия доставки. Звоните!
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