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  • Pactur Packaging Machine Klok 550
Pactur Packaging Machine Klok 550
  • Pactur Packaging Machine Klok 550
  • Pactur Packaging Machine Klok 550
  • Pactur Packaging Machine Klok 550
  • Pactur Packaging Machine Klok 550
  • Pactur Packaging Machine Klok 550

Pactur Packaging Machine Klok 550

В наличии
3150 EUR
Страна производитель:Италия

Pactur Packaging Machine Klok 550


Italian company Pactur, also known as Lady Pack, is specialized in the production of manual, semi-automatic and automatic shrink packaging machines. Such machines are primarily designed for small businesses and farm production. The manual chamber shrink packaging machine is conceived and designed so that there is no annoying heat, in the face of the operator, when it opens the camera cover, after the shrinkage process. A simple but fast and reliable Pactur shrinkable shrink wrapping machine with Italian design. Thanks to the heat from inducing infrared lamps, a high temperature is reached in the machine chamber. 

It is possible to use any kind of film: PVC, polypropylene, polyethylene. Ideal tightness: Pactur uses its usual, long-proven sealing systems.

Shrink packaging equipment is based on the principle of reducing the surface area (shrinkage) of the material used - film. In this case, the films are divided according to the type: polyethylene, polyethylene (POP), and polyvinyl chloride (PVC). Shrink machines are chamber type with "L" -shaped film sealer, automatic sleeve shrink machines, and automatic sleeve-machines with thermo-tunnels.

Packing machines Pactur / Lady Pack are designed for individual and group packaging of various products in shrink film.

Thermo-packaging has several advantages:

For most food products, shrink packaging can increase shelf life. 

Shrink packaging is one of the cheapest packaging methods.

The product in shrink packaging is partially protected from illegal opening and substitution.

Packing in shrink film is suitable for a very large number of products.

Shrink packaging not only protects the goods, but also compresses it. That is why in the process of transportation, packaged goods are less beaten.

Technical specifications:

Power supply: 220/240 V - 50/60 Hz.

Seal dimensions: 550x440 mm

Max. Workpiece height mm: 200

Maximum power consumption: 3/4 KW

Maximum film roll dimensions: 600x300 mm

Dimensions of the machine: 1300x810x1000 (h) mm

Net weight of the machine: 136 kg

Productivity: 500 pcs / hour

Note: the price includes packing in stretch or bubble wrap and wooden box if necessary, on a pallet.

Packing on a pallet is additionally worth from 85.00 EURO

Packing in a cardboard box in addition costs from 122.00 EURO

Manufacturer: Pactur Italy

Price from the factory of Pactur Klok 550: 2600.00 EURO

Страна производитель:Италия
Завод производитель:Pactur Italy
Область использования:Пищевая продукция
Информация актуальна: 23.02.2018


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