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Fort Skipper (Форт Скиппер), ООО
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Breweries Salm-austria Austria

SALM Equipment For Production Beer
В наличии 
SALM Equipment For Production Beer    1924 O. SALM & Co GmbH was founded in Vienna by Georg Welledits and Otto v. Salm. Georg Welledits was a young technician for brewery machines and had great plans and new ideas for the brewery industry. The steadily growing breweries at the gate of...
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Salm Mini Вrewery from 500 liters per day
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Salm Mini Вrewery from 500 liters per day   Salm Austrian minibrewery with the output of about 5.5 hectoliters of hot wort for brewing. Version Ni polished steel (copper coating and copper caps for extra price). At 1 week of main fermentation and 2 weeks of storage. Annual productivity: A)...
Группа: Breweries Salm-austria Austria
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Breweries Salm-austria Austria от компании Fort Skipper (Форт Скиппер), ООО Киеве (Украина). Каталог товаров - Breweries Salm-austria Austria. Продажа оптом и в розницу. Звоните!