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Mondial Pack Packing machines
  • Mondial Pack Packing machines
  • Mondial Pack Packing machines
  • Mondial Pack Packing machines
  • Mondial Pack Packing machines
  • Mondial Pack Packing machines

Mondial Pack Packing machines

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Бренд:Mondial Pack
Страна производитель:Италия

Mondial Pack Packing machines


This group of companies includes the following companies: Mondial Group, CMS - "Costruzioni Meccaniche Speciali", Mondial Pack, CALINI, Allpack, K-Pack. Manufacturing enterprise Cms s.r.l. Mondial Pack specializes in the creation of a variety of vertical and horizontal packaging lines, as well as dosing, weighing systems, loading devices, manipulators, thermo-shrinking and shrink equipment, thermoforming and cardboard machines.

An important difference between the majority of the horizontal equipment presented in the catalog is that the machine drives are not mechanically interconnected. Therefore, you can control the position or speed of each of them separately, setting the mode you need. Also, due to this property of horizontal packing machines, you can use the flow pack without a mechanical changeover. It is enough only to use the menu of the display unit. Through it, you can set the parameters you need and synchronize the machine with other equipment that works in production.

It should be said that horizontal packaging machines are equipped with reliable electronics. However, to understand the intricacies of the settings will not be difficult. On any of the devices there is a convenient panel with a display, where you can find all the necessary functions. Thanks to this electronics, you can switch from one product to another without losing time. And if the film ends suddenly, the packing machine will immediately notify you about it.

So, having installed such horizontal packaging machines in your production, you will not only make the packing process faster and more efficient, but also significantly increase the speed and productivity of the enterprise.


The important advantages of a horizontal packaging machine include:

Minimum use of manual labor: the horizontal packing machine takes care of all the work;

Control of the horizontal packaging machine with the help of special programs;

Maximum measurement accuracy;

Increase in shelf life of products;

Preservation of all product properties;

The horizontal packing machine allows you to pack even the most fragile products;

Easy printing location;

High level of hygiene;

Reliability of any packaging machine;

The horizontal packing machine is easy and convenient to transport.

Our company provides a wide range of packaging equipment from the best manufacturer of packaging equipment. 

The company s.r.l. Mondial Pack was created more than 27 years ago and nevertheless continues to constantly improve the technology of packaging equipment and every time does not cease to amaze with its innovations and developments. The range of packaging equipment is widely represented, constantly updated and improved with the advent of new technologies. This makes it possible to satisfy the needs of even the most demanding customers of both small production facilities and large manufacturing enterprises.

Manufacturer: Mondial Pack Srl Italy

Price from the factory: on request

Бренд:Mondial Pack
Страна производитель:Италия
Завод производитель:Mondial Pack
Область использования:Пищевая продукция
Информация актуальна: 23.02.2018


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