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  • MF TECNO PCA SMART Robot Palletizer
MF TECNO PCA SMART Robot Palletizer
  • MF TECNO PCA SMART Robot Palletizer
  • MF TECNO PCA SMART Robot Palletizer
  • MF TECNO PCA SMART Robot Palletizer
  • MF TECNO PCA SMART Robot Palletizer

MF TECNO PCA SMART Robot Palletizer

В наличии
63000 EUR
Страна производитель:Италия

MF TECNO PCA SMART Robot Palletizer


Palletizer with gripper pick-up head and robot movement for low productions; based on an open electro-welded steel structure, with a possibility of palletizing on the ground or on service roller. It is distinguished for its extremely compact size, which enables its insertion into spaces where other palletizers would not be able to fit, especially regarding height.

Just think, it is less than 3 m. high!

Strength, versatility and user-friendliness.

The pick-up gripper moves along an arm, which in turn moves up and down longitudinally along a sliding column on relative guides, along the tubular steel structure, which makes up the main frame.

The use of brushless motors, also on the smallest of palletizers manufactured by MF TECNO, enables high accuracy when positioning the packages.

The machine is set-up for use of various types of gripping modules (possibility of automatic fast coupling and release).

The electronics used to allow any type of layer to be made. The user-friendly management software also enables less expert operators to quickly change the work program and even modify the palletization layout to adapt it to various needs.

Technical specifications:

Type: Cartesian

Steering axes: 4

Engine: brushless

Maximum capacity: up to 50 kg

Palletizing speed (max.): 600 cycles / hour

The requested pallet speed: 200 bags / hour (400 bags / hour)

Installed power: 9 kW

Working pressure: 6 bar

Power supply: 3Ph x 400 V, 50 Hz.

Dimensions of the pallet: (mm) 800 mm x1200 mm; 1000 x 1200 mm

Bags for warehousing: 25 - 50 kg

Maximum. pallet height: 1,750 mm included

Maximum. pallet weight: 2000 kg.

Controls: PLC / Schneider

DOCUMENT: N. 1 Copy of the user manual and maintenance and electrical diagram

PACKAGING: Standard packaging in the form of MF-Tecno standards, included.

DELIVERY TIME: 60-80 work days (will be confirmed upon confirmation of the order)

TEST AND TRAINING AT MF-TECNO: 1 day, Included in the price. To  be done c/o MF Tecno factory before shipment with materials supplied by Buyer in accordance with the above-mentioned characteristics, in presence of Buyer’s technician (board and lodging for 2 customer’s technicians will be paid by MF Tecno)

ASSEMBLING, START-UP and TRAINING AT CUSTOMER’S: Not Included. To be quoted apart according to the final configuration. Flight tickets, board and lodging for MF’s engineers must be paid by the customer.

MACHINE UNLOADING: Lifting and transport devices used at the plant where the machine should be installed and that shall be provided by the customer.

WARRANTY: 12 months from testing against manufacturing faults and material defects. The warranty does

not cover the electrical part and those components subject to wear. The supplier shall, by virtue of this warranty, replace free of charge (ex-works MF Tecno) the components that, due to the material used or manufacturing defects turn out to be faulty. In case the buyer asks for our technician to intervene for the replacement of faulty parts, it shall be responsible for all travel, transfer and work hours expenses. This warranty is limited to what is described above and exclude the customer's right to ask for any compensation for damages.  

The supplier shall not, in any case, be responsible for the emerging damage and/or the lost revenues resulting from the machine malfunctioning. In case of improper uses, user's negligence, and interventions carried out by staff that has not been previously authorized and/or approved by the Supplier, the Supplier shall refuse any kind of warranty. The warranty is not valid any longer if the Buyer does not comply with payment. The Buyer shall promptly notify the fault to the supplier.

WE DO NOT PROVIDE: Accident prevention protections with the exception of those specified. Further carpentry, mechanical, electrical and pneumatic amendments on the Buyer's production lines and plant, as any further brickworks and foundations that are necessary for the correct installation of components and equipment. Power, air, feeding, dust aspiration system to the plant. Users and mechanical means for handling of the machine in the plant.

Product supply devices to the weighing group. Amendments and/or adjustments to the machines owned by the Buyer. 

A suitable preparation of the installation site. A voltage stabilizer or a mains conditioner. Interface connections between your and our machines. Areas destined to serve as offices or depositories for our tools and materials. All other things that are not herein specified.

CONTRAINDICATIONS: The bag filling machine has not been conceived for use under dangerous conditions

or with dangerous materials; if the buyer intends to use the machine with dangerous material or under dangerous conditions, it shall promptly communicate it to MF Tecno srl. We consider dangerous materials: - harmful material following contact and/or inhalation; - inflammable materials - explosive materials; - materials that may represent a viral or bacteriological threat.

Manufacturer: MF TECNO Italy

Price from the factory: 63.000,00 EURO

Страна производитель:Италия
Информация актуальна: 20.02.2018


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