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  • Extruder for Crisp Bread Gluten Free
Extruder for Crisp Bread Gluten Free
  • Extruder for Crisp Bread Gluten Free
  • Extruder for Crisp Bread Gluten Free
  • Extruder for Crisp Bread Gluten Free
  • Extruder for Crisp Bread Gluten Free
  • Extruder for Crisp Bread Gluten Free

Extruder for Crisp Bread Gluten Free

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712980 USD
Бренд:Lalesse Extusion
Страна производитель:Нидерланды

Extruder for Crisp Bread Gluten Free


Equipment or molder for the production of extruded Crisp Bread Gluten Free italian equipment for the production of extruded gluten-free crispbreads. The Italians produce a fully automated moulder for the production of crispbread made from flour. We supply the entire line from production to warehousing on a pallet finished products. Specially designed equipment is suitable for the production of extruded crispbread from rice, corn, wheat, kamut, buckwheat, oatmeal and ready-mix for baking.

The secret of success in business with crispbreads, it is a original taste and packaging. Packaging can be very different, including paper and packing tape. Delivered as soon as the moulder is separately, and the entire line (from the hopper for mixing and preparing the flour).

In the early 70's, the first moulder was launched, in order to serve those customers who focused on the production of extruded Italian cookies and other products. This machine has had a big impact on the market and today the company has already sold more than 1000 units operating all over the world.

The heart of this machine is its 3 removable cylinder head, which is able to squeeze out any dough. Around it, we created a whole world of opportunities to expand the range of products.

For more than 50 years, our company has specialized in the production of automatic machines and lines in the field of bakery. Our machines are designed for industrial as well as for medium and small enterprises. On a wide range of our machines and automatic lines it is possible to make confectionery, cookies, bakery products (bread sticks, drying, plates), traditional snacks, diet snacks and gluten-free products. The company is one of the leading manufacturers of machines for bakery in Italy and the international market and represents a reliable partner for all who want to "give shape to taste." To achieve this goal, we have selected a team of experts and experts for whom the application of fantasy for concreteness is a philosophy of work. Every day this philosophy urges us to solve new problems, pushing further and further the limit of the possible, and allows us to produce an unprecedented range of machines under an individual order for the production of bakery snacks, biscuits and confectionery.

Industrial molding machines for making baked snacks have:

Working width from 800-1600 mm

Laying of the product on baking sheets, or on transport belts for tunnel ovens.

Automatic placement on trays

Extruder made of stainless steel

Three-cylinder head

 The high productivity of machines increases the incomparable fan of solutions for preparing the dough, designed for the individualization of bread. Industrial molding machines are highly adaptable to handicraft formulations: these machines provide the industrial manufacture of traditional handicraft products and give shape to traditional taste.

The team of designers presented the latest generation of an extruder, reliable for various types of cookies with automatic placement on trays.

Our electronics meets the latest advances to make the extruder a modern and reliable machine to be ideally suited for the production of organic products and gluten free products. The extruder is made of stainless steel. The head, consisting of three cylinders, is unique for the industry, which guarantees the most uniform, precise extrusion for a wide range of recipes.

A tradition that inspires innovation. The updated extruder capabilities include all the traditional production capabilities, for example, elongated cookies (biscotti, cantucci, crumbles, novellini, etc.) and in a wide range of gluten-free bread snacks: your creativity is his only limit.

We always work in close cooperation with our clients, whose proposals we consider invaluable for the best satisfaction of our needs.

Manufacturer: Italy

Price from the factory: on request

Бренд:Lalesse Extusion
Страна производитель:Нидерланды
Информация актуальна: 23.02.2018


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