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  • Alke Halva in Chocolate Production Line 100 kg/h
Alke Halva in Chocolate Production Line 100 kg/h
  • Alke Halva in Chocolate Production Line 100 kg/h
  • Alke Halva in Chocolate Production Line 100 kg/h
  • Alke Halva in Chocolate Production Line 100 kg/h
  • Alke Halva in Chocolate Production Line 100 kg/h
  • Alke Halva in Chocolate Production Line 100 kg/h

Alke Halva in Chocolate Production Line 100 kg/h

В наличии
144600 USD
Страна производитель:Турция

Alke Halva in Chocolate Production Line 100 kg/h


The universal semi-automatic line for the production of halva in chocolate or glaze of such types: peanut, tahini, sunflower, chocolate, "marble", with or without nuts. The production of halva is beneficial from purified, fried crushed seeds, nuts, and kernels. The productivity of the semi-automatic line: 100 kg / h. This offer includes boilers, for all types of heating: electricity, gas, steam, oil heating to customer's choice. I would like to draw your attention to the fact that the minimum value of a cutting machine is 45 mm in width. Also, the grinding machine will be better to grind peanuts non-targeted! The number of attendants is 10-15 people.

The line includes:

1.Grind machine (2 heads) - 1 piece

2. Machine for cooking and whipping on the basis of halva on the stand - 1 piece (energy to choose from)

3.Machine for halva stirring - 2 pcs.

4.Cauldron for hand-whipping halva - 4 pcs.

5.Press - 1 pc

6. Cutting machine - 1 pc.

7. Single boiler for one color of chocolate - 1 pc.

8. Cooling tunnel - 1 pc.

9.Trays for cooling - 100 pcs.

The history of the ALKE MACHINERY ENGINEERING company totals 135 years in the sphere of confectionery production.

In 1880 the great-great-grandfather of the company’s founders, Mehmet Ali Efendi, begins producing halvah (a sweet, candylike confection of Turkish origin, consisting chiefly of ground sesame seeds and honey) and takhini paste (a paste made from ground, hulled sesame seeds). 

In 1910 the great-grandfather, Haji Husain Keskin, starts the production of Turkish Delight, halvah, biscuits, Parvarde sweets.

In 1945 his son, Ali Keskin, opens a factory producing the Ufuk Bisküvileri biscuits.

In 2002 the output of confectionery (biscuits, wafers, cakes, candies) under the leadership of his grandson Erdal Keskin index reaches 80,000 tons a month. Since 2005 the board of directors of the company, taking into consideration long-term experience and knowledge, makes the decision to begin manufacturing of food equipment

The ALKE MACHINERY ENGINEERING company is modern, quickly developing company in which the basic principles of work are based on high professionalism, responsibility before each client and reliability of the guaranteed result. 

These principles are realized by the team of highly qualified specialists who work for the benefit of the company and share the general values and purposes. 

Our company welcomes and encourages an initiative and creative approach of our employees that, certainly, is one of the most important criteria for success in work with our clients.

Technical data of the equipment:

Performance line of 1000 kg/shift

Powerline on electricity  34, 35 kW

Rated voltage 3 x 380 V, 50 Hz

Options: to the main line, you can additionally order

Vertical packing machine POLPAK C4S2: 24800.00 EURO

INK-JET inkjet printer for ink printing - 6000.00 EURO

The thermomaster puts the date on the seam of the packaging (1 row of 8 characters) - 1600.00 EURO

The thermomaster puts the date on the seam of the package (2 rows of 8 characters) - 1900.00 EURO

Thermotransfer Dater (D-1) makes an impression through a black tape anywhere (1 row of 8 characters) - 2800.00 EURO  

Thermotransfer Dater (D-2) makes an impression through a black tape anywhere (2 rows of 8 characters) - 3000.00 EURO

POLPAK HD-10 Multihead Head

A small platform for the packer is 2400.00 EURO, the complete set includes only the platform itself made of stainless steel, without stairs and railings.

Halvah wrapping machine in aluminum foil.

Horizontal Packer Flow Pack Ridder's RS-DS 240: 14900.00 EURO

POLPAK carton-box maker machine

Machine for gluing boxes with adhesive tape 

Semi-automatic Comarme GEM B-52: 2540.00 EURO


Pallet packer semi-automatic PKG Simply MB: 3250.00 EURO


The manufacturer undertakes to repair or replace all defective parts within 12 months from the date of starting the equipment, except for electric, electronic and wear-prone parts. The equipment is removed from the warranty, if not used for its intended purpose. In case of repair or replacement, all costs for transportation, accommodation of the technician/s are paid by the buyer.  

Installation is optional, not included in the price. The shipment period is approximately 60 days.

The oven should be in the correct position during transport. Thus, the furnace assembly is not included in the base price. If we find out that the best solution is to assemble and install them on site, we can send our technician.

Note: the price does not include packing in a packing wrap on a pallet in a wooden box $400.00 

If you have narrow non-industrial doors in the building or if you need to install equipment on the upper floors, then when ordering, the size of the door needs to be clarified. But it's better to bring the equipment collected in Turkey than to assemble them on the spot. Please confirm that the equipment should be on the second floor (is there an elevator or what size of the landing?)

All costs of assembly and testing of equipment will be carried out directly on site and at your expense. Payment includes, well travel expenses, meals and living test engineer + daily business trip costs of about € 400.00 x for each working day (how many days will be needed, depends on the work, at your request). When installing the first furnace, we train the assembly of a local technician to assemble the following (if several) and in this, we can find an arrangement. In your full responsibility, all costs for electrical and hydraulic power supply of equipment, ventilation and waste management and disposal system.

If an intervention is required from a specialist who installs and tests the line of machines on site, all related costs will be your full payment, too! Cost of services of a technologist: $ 3000.00

Manufacturer: ALKE MACHINERY Turkey

Price of line on electricity from the factory: $144600.00 

Страна производитель:Турция
Информация актуальна: 23.02.2018


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